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Vehicles purchased from Budget Motors of Wisconsin may include a 30 day/1,000 mile limited bumper to bumper warranty unless otherwise stated. All covered repairs are subject to a $100 deductible per claim. The warranty period will begin upon delivery of vehicle purchased and terminate in 30 days or after 1,000 miles driven, whichever comes first.


Mechanical and electrical failures to parts and or systems that pertain to driveability, safety, and functionality. This includes powertrain items such engine and transmission. Other examples of covered items are: Brake lines & hoses, calipers, seals & gaskets, belts & hoses, drive axles, power window & lock

components, emissions systems, warning light issues, sensors, cooling & heating systems, starting and charging systems, fuel delivery, and other parts and or systems that may cause a loss of safe and or functional driveability of your vehicle. Customer is responsible for a deductible payment of $100 per covered system or covered item.


All warranty repairs must be performed by Motors of Wisconsin. Aftermarket parts will be used for any needed repairs. Budget Motors reserves the right to install used parts when appropriate, at their discretion, or when aftermarket parts are not readily available. Major components such as engines, transmissions, differentials and transfer cases will be replaced with used but functional parts. All repairs shall have a 90 day warranty. Should replacement parts be unavailable, or repairs be deemed too costly, Budget Motors of Wisconsin reserves the right issue a trade in credit for the buyers full purchase price minus tax, title and license fees and retain the vehicle.


Items that are not covered include: wear items such as tires, wiper blades, shocks, struts & springs,brake pads & rotors, clutches and clutch discs. Unperformed or upcoming scheduled maintenance. Parts and systems that are functional but may show age or wear expected on a used vehicle such as: rusty exhaust systems, brake & fuel lines. Aging but still functional parts or systems that may be near, past or at their life expectancy, for example: batteries, fluids, and ,timing belts. Components that may benefit from further adjustments like wheel alignment & tire balance. Cosmetic flaws or damage either new or unnoticed at delivery such as: broken trim molding, covers and bezels, dents, scratches, scuffs, rips, odors, tears and stains. Any items previously disclosed on the vehicles buyers guide as having a condition issue, as well non disclosed items that are not required to be disclosed by law such as minor seepage. Any and all noises such as rattles and squeaks that do not pose a safety, driveability, or functionality issue such as: minor exhaust system leaks, interior trim and seats, windows & doors, exterior trim, uneven tire wear. Convertible top issues such as water leaks, rips, rears, alignment problems, and window or seal separation. Temporary noises, or noises that can be considered normal upon start up due to valve, lifter or internal engine wear and other rattles or squeaks that can be attributed to vehicle age, mileage and or extreme conditions such as cold temperatures, incorrect fluid type or level, and long periods of non operation. Vehicle damage or issues caused by driver error, carelessness, recklessness, road hazards, and acts of nature. Any and all damaged caused by the altering or replacing of parts and systems by anyone other than Budget Motors of Wisconsin. Travel expenses, rentals and other inconveniences that result due to vehicle malfunction. Towing or roadside service is not covered.


Jay K. - 2001 Toyota Highlander

Purchased a vechile at Budget Auto several month's ago. The vechile we bought has been great. No problems at all. The sales experience was great. They were willing to stand by what they sell. Which made me want to purchase from them. The price was also great. And car fax and showed us what they repaired on the car. It was best used car lot we visited in Kenosha. Have recommended to other people.

charlie0871 - 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have been going to Budget for for service on my 99 Jeep for 3 years now and I always have a positive experience there. The mechanics they have there are good people and fix what needs fixing and, if they see a potential problem, they advise you of it. The owners are a father/son team and I consider them not only professional and knowledgeable but, after MANY dealings with them, I consider them to be friends. I recommend Budget to anyone who needs a car or anyone who needs one fixed.

Stephanie H. - 2005 Ford Freestyle

Outstanding place to buy your used vehicle. We've all heard that standard of what to expect when buying a used car and what used car salesmen are like...This place IS NOT LIKE THAT! They offer a warranty on their vehicles and actually do the things they say they will do. I will definitely buy from here again. I am preparing to move quite a ways a way but I WILL come back to Kenosha from 800 miles away to buy from this place again!

Terrell R. - 2007 Lexus RX350

I purchased a SUV here. The owner allowed me to take the vehicle to be inspected. They corrected all deficiencies listed on the report. They even give a 30 day / 1,000 mile warranty that covers everything. Great people. Great prices. Great service.

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